1. It all starts with God; and it all ends with God. He is the alpha and omega of giving and generosity.
  2. We ache in eager anticipation as we see Christ in action and as we take in the snapshots of his life, death, and resurrection.
  3. The Thinking Fellows discuss and describe the things they are thankful for this year.
  4. Is it possible to celebrate Thanksgiving every time we come together as God’s people as well?
  5. We give thanks to the Father who has made a way for us to sit at his table.
  6. In the Lord’s Thanksgiving Supper, we are not served turkey, green bean casserole, and cornbread. We are served Christ.
  7. That's how true faith talks. It doesn't talk about itself. It says "Thank you!" to the one who gives healing and salvation.
  8. Thanksgiving utters a confession of dependence, an acknowledgement of the gift of something not earned or deserved.
  9. The only one truly blessed of God, who in himself is God’s incarnate makarios, surrounds himself with a multitude of the accursed, the non-makarios.
  10. The absolute best part of Christmas is that it is not flat at all, but in fact, it is very tall.
  11. In a year where things are unclear, tensions are heartbreaking, and uncertainty is rampant, what can we be thankful for?
  12. We are given, so we give thanks, and we give thanks by giving.

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