1. When Black Friday comes, are you still thankful?
  2. Lincoln's Thanksgiving Day Proclamation
  3. Sunshine and rain, food and harvests, family, friends, and health, love and joy. All these things and more he gives, not because of what you do or don’t do, but because he is generous and gracious.
  4. In the midst of our worship, God admonishes us to remember His goodness, and don't harden our hearts like our ancestors when they forgot God in the wilderness.
  5. It all starts with God; and it all ends with God. He is the alpha and omega of giving and generosity.
  6. Better off spending one day in the courts of heaven with our loving God than a hundred anywhere else.
  7. We ache in eager anticipation as we see Christ in action and as we take in the snapshots of his life, death, and resurrection.
  8. The Thinking Fellows discuss and describe the things they are thankful for this year.
  9. Is it possible to celebrate Thanksgiving every time we come together as God’s people as well?
  10. We give thanks to the Father who has made a way for us to sit at his table.
  11. In the Lord’s Thanksgiving Supper, we are not served turkey, green bean casserole, and cornbread. We are served Christ.
  12. That's how true faith talks. It doesn't talk about itself. It says "Thank you!" to the one who gives healing and salvation.

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