1. The profound significance of Christ’s resurrection comes from the threefold justification it provides: it justifies the sinner, the sinner’s hope, and God himself.
  2. Sure Shot. In this episode of Banned Books, we read Rod Rosenbladt’s essay, Christ Died for the Sins of Christians Too. We talk about theological mentors, the Reformation, law and Gospel, justification, sanctification, the Church, and where we find our comfort at all times, in all places.
  3. The doctrine of election is biblical, good, and comforting . . . but also frequently misunderstood.
  4. In this episode we introduce the topic of gender in regard to justification and sanctification. In other words, women aren't saved any differently than men. It was revolutionary back in New Testament times and in some circumstances, it's still revolutionary today.
  5. It’s a delivery of historical facts that tells us who Jesus is and what he has done for us through his dying on the cross and his rising from the grave.
  6. If it's not Christ Jesus "for you" they're not delivering the Gospel to you.
  7. Sacrifice is the beating heart of the Scriptures, but also of our Christian faith.
  8. So, what do we do when someone doesn't believe God's promise of forgiveness, life, and eternal salvation is for him?