Womanhood and the Gospel

In this episode we introduce the topic of gender in regard to justification and sanctification. In other words, women aren't saved any differently than men. It was revolutionary back in New Testament times and in some circumstances, it's still revolutionary today.

Gretchen and Katie talk who both love and work in women's ministry, talk about the confusion that comes when that theology is tweaked so slightly so that sanctification is no longer defined as being conformed to the image of God, but men are conformed to act more masculine, and women are conformed to act more feminine. In this tweaked theology, men can comfortably be conformed to the image of Christ--another man. Women are conformed to...some Biblical heroine perhaps.

Male and female are both very good. But sanctification, like justification, isn't a gendered issue. There is not a male version of justification, and a female version of justification, and the same goes for sanctification. Mankind--both male and female, are conformed to the image of God. While God has laws that are particular to both men and women, God's gospel is not directed at a specific gender.

What this discussion essentially boils down to is the practice and difficulties of discipleship of women within the church. This tender episode introduces the heart of the issue--are women in churches getting the meat of the gospel, and is this simply a women's issue?

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