1. But what does a preacher do regarding the doctrine of providence when God embarrasses Himself and us by not being present in the way we want Him to be with us?
  2. With Christ as the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, the future is secure already. It’s solid right now, even when the cords seem to be fraying.
  3. Our God is the one who brings back the exile, who restores the outcast, he is the one who devises means to do so.
  4. God's Son comes to deal with the infestation of sin, but in an unforeseen twist of grace, he’s the only one who goes under the knife.
  5. God is not a preoccupied parent, he’s an invested and interested tender loving Father. He values what perplexes us.
  6. What does it mean for God to be a "pure act?"
  7. God has in fact executed his plans for his people, plans of peace (probably a better translation than welfare), a future, and a hope in Jesus Christ.
  8. God uses the unlikely, the unexpected, and sometimes even the unsavory to deliver us and to crush the heads of his enemies
  9. Dr. Paulson discusses the doctrine of vocation and the place of God's power.
  10. God picks the unexpected and the unlikely, and goes to the unforeseen places, stacking the odds against himself, in order that age after age might stand in open-mouthed wonder at his sovereignty in and over all things.
  11. Dr. Paulson and Caleb continue to outline Luther’s response to Erasmus.
  12. But Jesus didn’t see it that way. He saw his arrest not as the kingdom’s program being thwarted but as it being “fulfilled.”

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