1. And We Are Live! In this episode, we go live for Holy Week and answer listeners' questions: election, repentance, the church, law and gospel, and on and on we go.
  2. Our anxiety about the future is a consequence of our old self’s attempts to achieve freedom for himself apart from Christ Jesus.
  3. Satan and the old Adam don't want Jesus to bear our crosses for us because that means we can't claim that we've done anything to merit God's mercy and salvation.
  4. The only reason we're aware of our old self is in baptism, God created a new self for us.
  5. His resurrection reveals that Jonah, and all of us, even the evilest people, are salvageable, even from suicide, in Jesus' death and resurrection.
  6. One moment, we pray for our rescue from sin and death. The next moment, we beg our Father to do unto others what we hope he will never do to us.
  7. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. It can get ahold of a person and turn him all the way in on himself. What seemed a brief reflection lingers for hours, days, weeks, even years.
  8. We can take comfort in the knowledge that He kills the sinner so we can get a new shot at life and life eternal.
  9. We're going to worry about what people think of us. It's going to get in the way of our relationship with Jesus. We're going to fear God's judgment. But, we're also baptized into Christ. So we don't give up hope. Jesus will help us and strengthen us. He will guide us in his Baptismal grace and peace.
  10. Without the “simul” distinction, theology lapses into moralism.

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