1. And We Are Live! In this episode, we go live for Holy Week and answer listeners' questions: election, repentance, the church, law and gospel, and on and on we go.
  2. This is Almost As Offensive as The Gospel. Gillespie and Riley read and discuss Martin Luther’s Galatians commentary. In this episode, Riley combines chocolate covered espresso beans with mushroom coffee, one of us offends everyone, and our quarantine fever takes over the conversation. It’s a wild, scattershot episode with tongue planted firmly in cheek. And the worst offenses are in the post-show.
  3. And I'm Free, Free Falling... Gillespie and Riley read and discuss C.S. Lewis' meditation on the Fall into Sin. They go deep into the subjects of free will, dualism, retributive justice, and why discussing sin isn't as easy as we'd like.
  4. You’re using theological coconuts! In this episode, Gillespie and Riley read and discuss The Schwabach Articles. Sin, faith, lots of Holy Spirit, and why the Schwabach Articles are the roots of Lutheran, Reformed, and Protestant confessions of faith.
  5. You have us the Good News now give us the goods! This week, Gillespie and Riley give Oswald Chambers a second go-round, reading and discussing The Collision of God and Sin.
  6. This Isn’t a Good Place for a Yogurt Shop. Riley and Gillespie tackle a daily devotion from one of the OG of the Holiness Movement, Oswald Chambers.
  7. Riley and Gillespie dig into the Doctor Angelicus and his catechism on Baptism.