1. This ministry of the Gospel, this standing in the stead and by the command of our Lord Jesus Christ, is demanding business and is entirely unsuitable for the weak-willed or those who compromise with the zeitgeist of the day.
  2. The laments of the Hebrews called upon the LORD God to remember His people who are suffering, be faithful and deliver them.
  3. On the one hand, forgiving as Jesus commands us feels impossible. But on the other hand, forgiving as we have been forgiven is the most natural thing in the world
  4. We entered the hospital with a jumbled ball of questions, uncertainties, and anxieties. We left with a master class in effective communication.
  5. Jesus came to His own people to bridge the rift which exists between humankind and God.
  6. Certainly, Jesus’ parable provides a dire warning for where, not wealth, per se, but obsession with it, will lead.
  7. God did what we could never do. He made a promise that endures forever and is eternally significant.
  8. Hymns were a means by which people were brought into direct contact with the Gospel that brought justifying faith. Set to music, they could readily memorize it, take it home with them, and rehearse its messages around the hearth and at work.
  9. St. Paul extends to us the call to arms. In particular, there is one weapon which is effective against so elusive an enemy. The weapon is prayer.
  10. The LORD sends His Son who targets those who are trampled and downtrodden. He comes for all, but He specifically includes the less fortunate.

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