1. Reading, understanding, and studying Scripture is a life-long process of contemplation in conversation with others.
  2. We must be careful in how we use Bible verses to establish Scriptural truth both to others and to ourselves.
  3. God’s word is creative in both the imaginative sense and the constructive sense. It brings things into existence and displays new ideas, images, and concepts we did not previously perceive.
  4. A famous saying of Augustine (echoing Jesus in Luke 24:44) perhaps puts it best, “The New Testament lies concealed in the Old, the Old lies revealed in the New.”
  5. The Holy Spirit does what his name implies. He makes us holy. We believe in Jesus Christ, our Lord, and come to him only by the Holy Spirit who calls us with the gospel.
  6. The accent of Scripture emphasized that Christ is for you. Yes, you. He’s not for the perfect people of our imaginations. He’s not just for Abraham, Moses, David, Peter, or Paul. Christ is also for you.
  7. When anything other than the gospel of Christ crucified for sinners becomes the center of the parables, we exchange the Gospel for the law.
  8. I was once asked why I thought young people were leaving the church in droves after they graduated high school.
  9. As a bass player, when I listen to music, I listen for what the bassist is doing. But, when I listen to music in my 2004 Honda Civic I have a problem: only one of the four speakers works.