1. There is power in the name of Jesus, and we love to manipulate power for our own ends.
  2. As we are continuing our "verses taken out of context" episodes, we are honored to have Rev. Bob Hiller, author of "Christ in the Straw" to help us understand James 2:26.
  3. Are we still haunted by God? Do our sins bother us to the point that we worry about God’s righteous wrath? Does the concept of justification, how one can be right in the eyes of God, even cross our minds?
  4. No work need be done to enter this Sabbath rest, for Christ has done all that is necessary.
  5. Whereas Moses faithfully rescued God’s people from slavery in Egypt and led them to the Promised Land of Canaan, Jesus has rescued us from the slavery of sin and the tyranny of the Devil to lead us to eternal life.
  6. Angels minister to us, but Jesus becomes one of us and calls us His brothers and sisters, sharing in our flesh and blood.
  7. James makes it sound like prayer is actually effective, that God listens, God answers in line with our requests. Does James realize the questions he is raising?
  8. It is from this God, the Wisdom from Heaven who came down in our flesh to befriend sinners, you will learn true wisdom.

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