1. David and Adam continue their series on the reasonableness of Christianity. In this episode, they cover recent New Testament scholarship on the Gospels as biography and eyewitness testimony.
  2. Is the New Testament reliable?
  3. Bruce, Adam, and Caleb discuss the textual and narrative differences between the four gospel accounts of Jesus' life and ministry.
  4. Some explanations are better than others, but they remain our explanations—except if we had some perspective from outside, above, and behind nature.
  5. The Gospel for a Secular Age - Apologetics Seminar
  6. The Thinking Fellows are joined by Daniel Emery Price and Erick Sorenson to talk about reading the New Testament.
  7. Caleb, Scott, and Adam are joined by Chad Bird to discuss why you should read the Old Testament.
  8. How to Engage the Culture of Today for Christ
  9. Apologetics Seminars at Arizona State University
  10. This letter is not without controversy—not because of its content but due to questions concerning its authorship and canonicity.
  11. The Thinking Fellows ask the question, what is the Bible?
  12. The Thinking Fellows talk about the craft and philosophy behind translation.

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