1. Look the judge in the eye and pin your sin on Jesus, the divine judge’s son. Jesus knows you can’t do it, so he trades places with you and pits himself against God’s righteous demands.
  2. Jesus meets us in our life of lies, in our falsehoods, in the untruth of our being, and in the company, we create to cover up our nakedness.
  3. The way to salvation does not consist in works invented by men, but that which leads to God is believing and trusting in Him.
  4. As the body positivity movement has gained traction, we must also be aware of some of its pitfalls
  5. What is it, though, that makes bedtime so fraught with anxiety?
  6. Narrow gates, false prophets, and being denied by the Lord all stem from the same thing: the religion of "You." Craig and Troy work through some hard sayings in Jesus' sermon.
  7. Luther saw that God demands not that we become perfectly righteous like God but that we simply receive the gift of righteousness; a gift that actually makes us worthy.
  8. If sin is only a matter of “doing,” then “undoing” and/or “redoing” would serve as the equivalent savior necessary to find redemption.
  9. Our ears are opened by the Spirit through the word. Then, faith in Christ is present in us.

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