1. Just as the grave could not hold the Lord of Life, neither could the calendar contain Easter to just one Sunday.
  2. In the resurrection Jesus transcended time, space, and death; those things which limit human existence. So, the stone was not rolled away for Jesus, but for the disciples and for us.
  3. The resurrection of Jesus was the moment when the one true God appointed the Man through whom the whole cosmos would be brought back into its proper order. A man got us into this mess; the Man would get it out again.
  4. Preaching the end times purposes to solicit and strengthen faith in the Savior of the world who is at the same time the Creator and Re-creator of the world.
  5. Mindful that the pagans’ understanding of death is a finality, Paul says, “NO!” Death is not the end of humanity in God’s new world.
  6. The life of holiness will overtake the world on the last day. Practice living in the coming world now.
  7. The only point in being a Christian at all is if this message of the resurrected Jesus continues to be the solid ground on which you stand.
  8. .A prayerful and meditative vigil in expectation of Christ’s return at Easter became a common feature of the celebration of His crucifixion and resurrection.