1. On Saturday, July 16, Luke Gabriel Bird died in a hiking accident in Chile. He was a midshipman in the United States Naval Academy. He is our son. Here are some reflections on his life, his faith, and his Lord.
  2. When God changed Jacob’s name to Israel, thereafter his story was linked into as God’s story. Psalm 8 speaks of the human being, as humanity, but also of Christ.
  3. Viewing the Word as a unified theological narrative prevents us from treating the Scriptures like a cage match between competing theological systems, with prophets duking it out with apostles, and psalmists with evangelists, all supposedly fighting for their voice to be heard.
  4. Tomorrow Jesus will laugh his way out of the tomb, spit in the face of death, and kick the devil in the throat as he dances to the clapping glee of angelic masses. But today he just rests.
  5. When talking about God’s ultimate destination for us, we’ve grown sloppy in our language, nearsighted in our gaze, and un-Easter in our hope. We act and speak as if dying and going to heaven is what the faith is all about. It is most emphatically not.
  6. Jesus didn’t simply vacate the tomb to end death. He brought up from that grave the seeds of a brand new start at life. Genesis 1 all over again, with no chance of Genesis 3.
  7. Come to the feast where evil and good, wise and foolish, shameful and shaming are welcomed as citizens of the kingdom.
  8. The only churches that live are churches that have died. That still die. And that rise to newness of life in Christ’s life alone.
  9. This is the night from when all those nights receive their light. For this is the night when Christ, the Life arose from the dead.
  10. “Why do you seek the living One among the dead?” the angel asked the two women. The time for Jesus to die has passed.
  11. He has Israel right where he wants them: a body of water in front of them, their enemies behind them, and God above them, ready to save. Our Lord is always undoing us that he might redo us, killing us that he might enliven us.
  12. How will they reach this magical moment, this milestone on the journey of life? Perhaps by chasing their dreams, pursuing their passions with a heart wholly devoted to the attainment of whatever goals they set for themselves in life?

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