1. We try believing in more abstract concepts: justice, happiness, and self-improvement, only to find that we can never truly grasp which standards should be accepted and which should be rejected.
  2. But another possible translation for the Greek word we translate as ‘overcome’ and one maybe more consistent with the context is ‘comprehend.’
  3. As one of the last episodes in our latest series about the great ideas of the Reformation, we talk about the relationship between faith and reason.
  4. Conflict demands resolution, tension demands a balancing act in the face of uncertainties.
  5. As the devil awakens after a long slumber, recovering from the resurrection event, he finds his shackles loosened and the glorious screams of torment throughout his dark empire
  6. Still, sadly, many polls suggest that above 50% of Americans get their news from social media sites as opposed to actual news sites.
  7. Professional historians frequently assert that "miracles" are not a proper subject for historical investigation.
  8. The essential Christian claim is that God came to earth in Christ and died for men to take care of their problem of sin and evil.
  9. In some ways, though, it seems that scientism may increasingly be the greater of the two dangers in American higher education. Not only has Helen Rittelmeyer, for example, made a case for relativism (at least in the ethical realm) being effectively dead and buried.
  10. One gets science or religion, but not both. Today’s model swings to the other end of the pendulum, flirting with an extreme inclusivity. One gets science and religion, as long as they are properly understood.
  11. Some consider apologetics, with its emphasis on rational arguments and empirical evidence, a distinctly “modern” enterprise. Thus, however legitimate or useful it might once have been, now that we have taken an allegedly “postmodern” turn.
  12. Philip Melanchthon once said, “Those who disparage philosophy not only wage war against human nature, but they also severely injure the glory of the Gospel.”