1. God's power and works are awesome and cannot be stifled. His grace and mercy will be heard above the growls and howls of those who deny Christ Jesus is God and Savior
  2. This episode deals with the problem of divine threats.
  3. The church’s song goes on and on, singing and ringing down to us today.
  4. Christ has received the mark of law that we might be marked with the gospel, with the sign of his holy cross on our heads and hearts as redeemed children of God.
  5. This Christmas season we are thankful that even though we “fallers” are unable to climb up to God, he came down the ladder to us.
  6. In this episode, Paulson explains how Luther continues to reach out to Erasmus with demonstrations from classical antiquity.
  7. “The days are coming,” and God said it. God, who kept his promise that Christ would come at Christmas.
  8. One could reason that God might, at least, give the church a little worldly power.
  9. God and Jeremiah may have been looking at the same person, but they were seeing very different things.

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