1. Jesus came to His own people to bridge the rift which exists between humankind and God.
  2. God commands we serve only Him. We serve Him with all we have and all we are, including the 90% of our income which does not go in the plates. What does it look like to serve God above money?
  3. The heart of your sermon is the promise that God, in Jesus, has sought and found each of us. He receives us sinners and invites us to eat with Him at His table.
  4. The reason nothing can come before Jesus is because nothing endures beyond the grave except for Jesus.
  5. Nuance and subtlety have been replaced with scorched-earth contempt. It is us versus them. Compromise is not an option. Jesus, however, would have none of it.
  6. Jesus comes to people and changes everything. “Before” is long gone. “After” is a whole new world.
  7. Pentecost is a flashback. It drives us back to the past. It also propels us forward into the future.
  8. Grace is God’s caring disposition toward His human creatures. And it is shown fully and purely in the work of Jesus for us.
  9. Today, Jesus' road to Jerusalem turns into your congregation. He calls you and your hearers to follow Him all the way home.
  10. Honor would be shown to the least. Power would be shown by its opposite. The way of glory was marked with humility.
  11. God’s promise never to separate us from the love of Jesus means that our security, and our confidence, and our forgiveness—even for our part in past divisions—depends entirely on His faithfulness and not ours.

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