1. Jesus has conquered the storm’s power to condemn me – for by his death on the cross for my sins, he has removed any barrier between God and myself.
  2. Because peace is a gift and not a product, you can’t work your way into it. However—you can receive it by grace.
  3. The unbeliever will search for relief from temptations in worldly prescriptions and pleasures. The believer searches for answers in the promises of the One who can bring true lasting peace in mind, body, and soul.
  4. Justice and love are united in God, and we see this most clearly in Jesus on the cross. There, both God's hatred toward sin and compassion for the world come together.
  5. Jesus’s followers aren’t ostriches who bury their heads in the sand. That’s not helpful or hopeful for anyone. Resting from life’s trials and troubles comes in the remembrance of the One who is with you in the middle of all of them.
  6. When we are invited to cast all our cares on God's shoulders, he means all of them — every single one of them.
  7. "As we stare down another day, the struggles and joys that it will bring, take a deep breath. In spite of all the failures, floundering, and “that-should-have-been-something’s” flying in our faces, there is peace and redemption in Jesus." Tara Flattley
  8. We may hear the voice of Jesus through recordings and digital media, but the Jesus who walks through locked doors has no problem coming to us through technology.
  9. Jesus does not give as the world gives. With Jesus, everything is guaranteed and has been finished from the start.
  10. You are in a fight, but the victory is guaranteed because it is in the hands of the risen Chief Shepherd.
  11. We are so free as Christians that we don't even have to compare ourselves to other Christians.
  12. Here, we read the mystery and majesty of the incarnation of the Son of God wrapped up into a single package

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