1. We are the fruit that grows from the branch, which extends from the trunk of the tree, which is rooted in the soil that it grows out of, which is all Christ.
  2. The Parable of the Lost Sheep bursts through the confines of convention and demands that we embrace the messiness of life and the unpredictable ways in which God's grace and forgiveness operates.
  3. We can’t predict the harvest. We can only sow.
  4. Morons though we all have been, there is nothing we need that Christ hasn’t given us.
  5. The law had to have its way with the expert to bring him around (and back) to Abraham's response.
  6. One of the primary reasons we do not have to fear the future is because the future is certain in Christ.
  7. The Savior wasn’t always forthright with his intentions behind using and relaying certain parabolic narratives.
  8. But the biggest problem with the Pharisee’s prayer is that he judges himself compared to other people, rather than to God. Our natural tendency is to do just this.
  9. Christ strikes a blow first against the presumption of those who would storm their way into heaven by their good works.
  10. “Poverty of spirit” is not an ethical value we strive for. It is an act of God’s mercy spoken to the deepest recesses of our soul when it’s overwhelmed by God’s grace.
  11. Jesus comes to you. He binds your wounds, and he pours out his body and his blood for the forgiveness of your sins.
  12. The truth is we’ve always mixed up the roles of penitent and priest.

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