1. In the vortex of uncertainty and upheaval, what’s the best thing we can do? Seize the ordinary.
  2. In some measure, if Luther had any success during his last two decades, it happened because of the woman who’d insisted on him as her bridegroom.
  3. Her importance goes beyond simply managing the reformer’s household.
  4. “I forgive you,” must be said and it must be said often in a marriage.
  5. One of the first steps in recovering from a broken marriage is to find ways to heal the divorce that’s happened within our own souls.
  6. When we read this chapter, we find that we are actually shaped by the word.
  7. Biblically speaking, we won’t find much evidence for a preordained spouse.
  8. Peter tells wives to submit to their husbands. What is the context of this statement? Can it be taken too far?
  9. Marriage is the ideal school in which to learn that we are not the center of the universe. We’re not created to live for ourselves. We find our true humanity only when we live for other people.
  10. You may have seen the uproar from a recent blog post suggesting that virgins who forego college, learn to cook big meals and abstain from tattoos make more desirable wives.

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