1. You are the baptized, for in Christ we are all wet. The demographic dividers are washed away.
  2. This Spirit of love permits no Christian to exercise their freedom at the expense of another Christian still troubled by old associations.
  3. We assert, we herald, the truth about God becoming King of the world in and through Jesus of Nazareth alone. It is our public announcement.
  4. In the Church, the cry is, “He loves,” and it is that message which transforms our worldviews from taking to giving, from radical individualism to trans-demographic inclusivism, from selfishness to selflessness, from “tolerate my rights” to “loving rightly together.”
  5. Here is the foundational cure for the evils of racism in human society, faith in Christ as definitive for racial identification.
  6. We may never even get the opportunity to eat meat offered to idols, but a lot of things hinge on this test case: Is it permissible to eat the meat offered to idols or not?