1. Here is someone to love; they’re not a Christian. They’re not very clean and don’t seem to care. Love them. Let your life become intertwined with theirs. Let it cost you something.
  2. What does Peter mean when he says those who suffer have ceased from sin? Do we ever become sinless?
  3. Paul explains more about bearing with those weak in faith. In what ways should we look at Christ as an example?
  4. Paul gives instruction on how to deal with those with “weak faith”.
  5. “There is no obedience that does not have its eyes on either God or neighbor. An obedience that is motivated by what we will get out of it is no obedience at all.”
  6. This blog is a part of our Advent series on the hope we find in, through and given by Christ. Each week’s installment will look at hope from a different perspective with special emphasis on corresponding passages of Scripture.