1. Our only hope in life and death is that God loves sinners, who fail and forget constantly, with a love that is just as constant.
  2. If you want something empty, the tomb is the way to go. The point of the manger is that Jesus was in it. The point of the cross is that Jesus was on it.
  3. Your loving Lord is not oblivious to your pain and sadness.
  4. We cannot love first. Therefore God comes, takes hold of the heart, and says: "Learn to know me."
  5. This is the patient love of God. He is stubborn about the salvation of sinners. He will not be rushed even if his name is mocked, and the trustworthiness of his promises are called into question.
  6. Love turns out to be not simply a thing or action, but a characteristic of God himself.
  7. The Word of Yahweh is not a trifling thing that can be visited only when it’s convenient. It’s a book of life, for all of life, that imparts life to those who believe in it and the God of it.
  8. We won’t use the right words, but the Holy Spirit is interceding with and for us, as we pray.
  9. Our experience with good fathers – even when they are not our own – can point us to God the Father.
  10. Wilson reminds his reader over and over again that, in his love, God accepts sinners as they are so that we may be delivered from the self-acceptance, self-worship, and self-justification of our selfish definitions of love.
  11. Christ has taken our failures and defeats and exchanges that yoke for his own.
  12. The goal of language in the mouth of a Christian isn’t to hold power for ourselves but to give it.

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