1. Human history, our history, is the story of two Adams with two very different encounters with the devil.
  2. Jesus stands before the disciples as the bridge between heaven and earth, and between Old Testament and New Testament.
  3. Forty days after giving birth, Mary, along with her husband Joseph, presented their firstborn Son at the temple and "bought" him back with a sacrifice of two small birds. This is known as the "Presentation of Our Lord."
  4. The usual acclamation when one becomes King is: “Long live the King!” But this King of kings, this son of David, has come to die.
  5. We live again, not so that we will now pay our debt, but to proclaim that we live because our debt was paid!
  6. The Parables of Jesus
  7. The one who embodies the dove, that is, the Holy Spirit will be mounted upon the staff of Calvary.
  8. A group of unassuming apostles was given a graphic illustration of how the Lord would use them to turn the world right-side-up through the upside-down logic of grace.
  9. The Ichthus is a confession in picture form, a visual sermon of the gospel of Christ crucified.

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