1. No work need be done to enter this Sabbath rest, for Christ has done all that is necessary.
  2. God will establish justice and righteousness even in the midst of the most uncertain and evil times. This we know because of the hope based upon the promise.
  3. Whereas Moses faithfully rescued God’s people from slavery in Egypt and led them to the Promised Land of Canaan, Jesus has rescued us from the slavery of sin and the tyranny of the Devil to lead us to eternal life.
  4. Man and woman together are complete. Apart, they are incomplete. The two correspond and form “one flesh” when combined in sexual relationships and as helpmates.
  5. Angels minister to us, but Jesus becomes one of us and calls us His brothers and sisters, sharing in our flesh and blood.
  6. God’s promise never to separate us from the love of Jesus means that our security, and our confidence, and our forgiveness—even for our part in past divisions—depends entirely on His faithfulness and not ours.
  7. This complaining is a rejection of the LORD and all He has done to rescue them, guide them, and provide for them as He leads them to the Promised Land.
  8. James makes it sound like prayer is actually effective, that God listens, God answers in line with our requests. Does James realize the questions he is raising?

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