1. History won’t judge us, Jesus will. We already have his judgment. He gave it to us from the cross, where he acquitted us with his death.
  2. Treating preaching as a battle with the Devil keeps a preacher on the offense and prevents him from being caught off guard.
  3. Luther recognized that in the penitential psalms, God gives us the words to cry out to Him in our distress, lament our sins, and confess trust in the promise of His righteousness in which alone is our sure and certain hope.
  4. God is mercy. He was mercy then. He’s mercy now. God showed them His glory, if only a reflection, in the face of Moses.
  5. In this episode, Dr. Paulson asks the question why does God give us time?
  6. Justification and regeneration are, therefore, necessarily connected and have profound implications upon the craft of preaching.
  7. Moses was sent to keep the house in order, but this Child is sent to bring the house home, and you are part of that house, the household of God.
  8. Getting ready for Christ’s coming is a practice in humility.
  9. The Word of Yahweh is not a trifling thing that can be visited only when it’s convenient. It’s a book of life, for all of life, that imparts life to those who believe in it and the God of it.

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