TOPIC INDEXJustification (27)
  1. Caleb Keith joins Kelsi to discuss Christ's atonement and the most common theories of the atonement, including Substitution, Christus Victor, and Exemplar or Moral.
  2. The Thinking Fellows are joined by Dr. Jack Kilcrease to discuss the centrality and importance of the doctrine of the Word.
  3. Dr. Paulson continues the discussion on Erasmus's use of kindness.
  4. Caleb and Scott read through the first several articles of the Smalcald Articles.
  5. Dr. Paulson continues working through Paul's use of Exodus in his letter to the Romans.
  6. In this episode, Caleb and Dr. Paulson discuss salvation ex nihilo or "from nothing."
  7. Dr. Paulson continues to talk about trial by observing the different ways the story of Abraham has been taught.
  8. Scott and Caleb continue with articles 7-9 of the Augsburg Confession.
  9. Caleb and Scott discuss article four of the Apology to the Augsburg Confession.
  10. Dr. Paulson and Caleb are joined by Adam Guthmiller once again. This time they talk about faith and certainty in Luther's refutation of Erasmus.
  11. A Luther House of Study student Adam Guthmiller joins Caleb and Dr. Paulson to discuss Luther's assertions concerning the faith.

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