1. As we judge and demand payment from one another, we fashion a world not only skeptical of forgiveness, grace, and mercy... but downright opposed to it.
  2. We all live with the knowledge of good and evil, but lack the power or ability to affect either one. We can judge good and evil but we cannot control them.
  3. Matthew 13: The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares Craig and Troy discuss multiple parables at once, and so they come to the conclusion that sometimes an evil weed looks like a righteous one but sometimes a good fish looks bad. But when it comes to the Kingdom, only Christ and His angels will know how to separate one from the other. How are we to know which ones Christ has died for?
  4. In many ways [this text] brings to mind Judgement Day and the separation of the sheep from the goats when Christ the King comes to take His treasured possession home to be with Him in the courts of everlasting life.
  5. With a new year comes many new things. In the corporate world, we again introduced to our yearly performance review.
  6. Judgement is not a fun topic to talk about, usually. Fortunately we have the Rev Bill Cwirla who was not only a lot of fun, but actually turned judgement into a hopeful doctrine!
  7. God’s grace is extended to the incorrigible alcoholic as well as to us, the more sophisticated sinners and drunks.
  8. Then, Jesus our Groom, with His nail-scarred hands takes our hands and walks out with us from that ultimate courtroom, and into eternity – His eternity – and a never-ending wedding feast.
  9. On the cross, God removed the load of every single one of your sins and placed it instead on Christ. Then, He clothed you with the fullness of His holiness and perfection.
  10. Nothing is easier than making grace unamazing. Just do what comes naturally.
  11. That’s where a true encounter with God leaves you. Unable to point the finger at anyone else, all you can do is fall on your face, confess your sin, be absolved, and join the angels in singing, “Holy, holy, holy.”
  12. God’s grace and freedom announces the truth to us about ourselves. We need a real Savior.

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