1. Living In Hope
  2. Jesus not only healed her daughter, but he also gave himself to her. Wherever she went from then on, he was with her.
  3. We will not become hopeless because the Lord is with us.
  4. While the world is full of horizons and endpoints, for Christians, there is always tomorrow, and there are people in that tomorrow waiting for us as we wait for them.
  5. We ache in eager anticipation as we see Christ in action and as we take in the snapshots of his life, death, and resurrection.
  6. Help comes for those who cannot help themselves. When we bottom-out and come to the end of ourselves, that is where hope springs.
  7. Our God is a living God and he listens to our cries for help.
  8. Both now and forever, the bruised and crucified Lord nailed to a cross is our assurance of deliverance.
  9. Our comfort in this seemingly endless age of crisis after crisis is the inexhaustible hope of Jesus’s reversal.
  10. Faith is like a horse with blinders because it only beholds God’s promise. It is obsessed with what God has already said.
  11. Darkness is not your only friend. Jesus loves you, and he will be with you.
  12. There is perhaps no better observation about the nature of anxiety and depression than its fundamental desire for avoidance.

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