1. Moltmann is gone now, but his theology will continue to provoke and provide.
  2. What we do much less of, even in Christian circles, is recognize just how pervasive sin is, such that it has thoroughly corrupted us.
  3. The profound significance of Christ’s resurrection comes from the threefold justification it provides: it justifies the sinner, the sinner’s hope, and God himself.
  4. Paul knew that, without the resurrection, the Christian life was a “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video.
  5. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SEVEN, Jason, Mike and Wade discuss faith, hope, and love.
  6. An Anglo-Saxon poem gives fresh insight to the cross
  7. How the pumpkin patch has a lot to teach us about the love and work of Christ
  8. In today's episode of Tough Texts, Scott Keith and Daniel Emery Price explore the teachings of 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18.
  9. Human solutions to problems, important as they are, are inadequate to meet our deepest needs
  10. Women's Retreat

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