1. The mind-blowing part of this entire story, though, isn’t that only one leper came back to “give thanks,” but that the Lord Jesus healed all ten knowing full well that only one would come back.
  2. In the Lord’s Thanksgiving Supper, we are not served turkey, green bean casserole, and cornbread. We are served Christ.
  3. That's how true faith talks. It doesn't talk about itself. It says "Thank you!" to the one who gives healing and salvation.
  4. The giver of life, the source of joy, stands weeping together with the human family as they grieve under the curse of sin.
  5. God leads us to the refuge that’s more secure and safe than any man-made thing, more than anything we own, more than anything that owns us.
  6. In schools and on barstools and in delis and where two or three gather, your Savior turns you loose to encounter those who are delightful and loveable.
  7. In a year where things are unclear, tensions are heartbreaking, and uncertainty is rampant, what can we be thankful for?
  8. We are given, so we give thanks, and we give thanks by giving.
  9. In a year in which every day seems to blur together, Luther's orders of daily prayer help order our daily lives.
  10. Trusting Jesus, worshipping our Christ, and praising him, we have the blessing of God so that we can give thanks with a grateful heart for everything he gives to us today and always.
  11. This earth is not the place where your promise is to be found. Rejoice because the kingdom of God comes to you!

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