1. Comfort, ease, pleasure, happiness, these are worth pursuing, say the preachers of this world. Suffering is not. Do whatever you must to avoid it. In Christ, however, we see suffering differently.
  2. The issue is not the existence of so-called inner rings, but our desire and willingness to spend our lives in order to gain from an inner ring what is freely promised in Christ: hope, security, and identity.
  3. This week’s episode is a conversation between author John Bryant and Kelsi about John’s new book (out in September), A Quiet Mind to Suffer With: Mental Illness, Trauma, and the Death of Christ.
  4. Discipleship involves listening to the Word of God. But discipleship is not only about listening to the Word of God. It also involves listening to the world.
  5. Jesus’s story in Luke 16 draws definitive attention to whom God helps — namely, God always comes close in order to help those who cannot help themselves.
  6. In the kitchen of Jesus, God gathers individuals who live on the margins. Their lives do not fit the dress code of a five-star restaurant. Their language offends and their behavior dismays and, deep down, like the disciples, we may just want Jesus to send them away.
  7. No matter how far down you fall into the wavering waters of “If you are...” prayers, Jesus is there.

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