1. In many cases, the expectations are not realistic. Sometimes we expect things to be much better than they could possibly be. On the other hand, sometimes our expectations are far too low.
  2. When it is all said and done, a disciple’s testimony about Jesus is what matters most.
  3. The resurrected Christ, who has all authority in Heaven and on Earth, also has His mind and His eye on the people who have gathered in your congregation this Sunday.
  4. This week’s text invites us to walk alongside a grieving sister. The connection to your hearers will be easy, for life in this world provides no shortage of reasons to grieve.
  5. This man lived his entire life in the darkness, that is, until he met Jesus.
  6. Nicodemus remained silent. He stopped talking. He stopped asking questions. And he listened. He simply listened to Jesus. It was his smartest move yet.
  7. The eternal Word of God became a mortal human being, but not in some far-off heavenly realm. No, He took up residence among us.
  8. Matthew makes it abundantly clear that Joseph lacked one thing: Control. He may have been the titular head of his emerging household, but he was clearly not in charge. God was, as God always is.
  9. John the Baptist’s question in our text offers you an opportunity to help your congregation take seriously the doubts experienced by those who live by faith.
  10. The Lord is coming, that much is certain. He is coming to reign, not only over the heavens, but also over the members of your congregation.
  11. Jesus came to His own people to bridge the rift which exists between humankind and God.
  12. God commands we serve only Him. We serve Him with all we have and all we are, including the 90% of our income which does not go in the plates. What does it look like to serve God above money?

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