1. Dr. Anthony Bradley serves as a distinguished research fellow at The Acton Institute and Research Professor of Interdisciplinary and Theological Studies at Kuyper College.
  2. God has filled our lives with moments, pieces of poetry, which reveal the gracious beauty and powerful mystery of the Trinity.
  3. When Jesus leaves His disciples, He leaves them in a world that is more fully alive because of His gift of the Holy Spirit.
  4. The gospel is for sinners – both the tax collector and Pharisee, both in need of the Great Physician.
  5. As we gather between the Ascension and Pentecost, we remember what Jesus is doing. He is praying for us.
  6. But the Church is not built on human love. That would be much too small for God. No, the Church is built on God’s love and God’s love is different.
  7. For you who are struggling to navigate grief, to cope with pain, or breathe through anxiety, the gospel announces that there is a person whose heart throbs for you.

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