1. We are discussing the fruit of the Spirit with our friend, Jessica Thompson, from the prespective of how this list describes how God loves us.
  2. Trusting in Christ’s promise of new life and deliverance pours kindness and gentleness into the way we think and the way we experience life.
  3. "If we are led by the Spirit" . . . but where does the Spirit lead? He always leads us to Christ and His cross.
  4. I’m spiritual, not Spiritual. Gillespie and Riley continue hijacking their podcast to honor their spiritual father, Norman Nagel. This week, we discuss how to sort out gifts we give ourselves and gifts given by God.
  5. “Let your love be genuine!” But what if it’s not? The Apostle Paul gives us a list that seems hard to fulfill. If it is up to us, we’re in trouble. But if it is all in Christ, it is done. Love! “Butwhat’s in it for me?” When we fail, we flee to Christ. We know what genuine love is by looking at Christ, and in faith we receive genuine love from Him.
  6. Living sacrifices are holy and acceptable to God: What’s that look like? Redeemed and made new by Christ, we use the gifts God has given us to serve others and serve Him.
  7. Jesus does not say to us, “Try really hard, and you will be better.”
  8. The distinction between Christ-for-you and Christ-in-you can present a misleading dichotomy.
  9. The law demands love, and love has no limits, no end, it is never done.
  10. The goal of Christian living isn't to gather in and store up two, three, four barn-fulls of good works for ourselves.
  11. You can talk to me about how Jesus is really forgiving and how you want me around, but what happens when things don’t change in a month?
  12. When it comes to faith, God runs all the verbs. God's Spirit calls us by the Gospel. He enlightens us with His gifts.