1. When we cry to the Lord in our trouble, he will send us a preacher with words that deliver us from destruction.
  2. Everyday Confessions and Learning How to Forgive
  3. This is an excerpt from “The Pastoral Prophet: Meditations on the Book of Jeremiah” written by Steve Kruschel (1517 Publishing, 2019).
  4. It’s the notion of mercy that leads us to the atonement, and it is the atonement that provides a foundational basis for the justification of sinners.
  5. Increasingly, to forgive is seen as winking at evil, as shrugging one’s moral shoulders, and as being complicit.
  6. Being the baptized just may be the last, great resistance.
  7. Walking in the light doesn't entail a spotless moral record but rather an honest appraisal of who we are.
  8. We bring nothing with us that contributes to the preaching or the hearing of God’s promise to us.
  9. At the heart of The Idiot is Dostoevsky's confession of faith and the confession of all Christians.
  10. The world hates Jesus because he comes to lead us to love and forgive all, including our enemies.

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