1. Faith sees your neighbor not as a means to an end, not as a way to score points, but as an object of love: Christ's love and yours.
  2. By his first Advent in the flesh, through his second Advent with bread and wine and water and Word, we await his third Advent at the end.
  3. The language of faith speaks promise and persecution, hope and trial, victory and pain. The language of the world may well speak the former, but rarely the latter.
  4. Our children are not our own, but even more, our children are born in need. They are sinful, from conception and from birth.
  5. If you want to stay out of jail, look to the law. If you want into heaven, look to the promise. If you want to earn a paycheck from your boss, work. If you want to receive salvation from your God, believe.
  6. As much as the devil and doubts may assail me, God has revealed Himself to me in His Word and answered these pesky questions.
  7. On episode FORTY-TWO of Let the Bird Fly! the guys welcome the Rigge family to discuss what it’s like to open and run a winery in Minnesota.
  8. A confessing church is a church more worried about souls than appearances, family lines, or institutional bottom-lines.
  9. We’ve been desperate—and it is a gift of God when we are, when we realize our lost condition!
  10. Kierkegaard attempts to take us through Abraham’s mind as the patriarch prepares to sacrifice his son, his only son, his son whom he loves.