1. According to the make believe wokeness-ometer, Jesus qualifies as the most authoritative voice because he was the most oppressed. Poor Jew, not from Jerusalem, under Roman rule, betrayed by his own, even his friends, killed because of his identity. Listen to him.
  2. Need a resurrection in your life? Listen to Ringside.
  3. Repent and believe the Good News! Everything is OK.
  4. "Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?" Poe is wrong. Though we have lulled ourselves asleep, the reality is far brighter and beautiful than we imagine. Christ is risen and so shall we. The dreamer who dreams is He.
  5. God Bless the pandemic! Unfortunately, no one is going to learn from it. The preachers tackle issues others are afraid to even speak out loud! This time - Aliens! Do they exist and if so, would you baptize one?
  6. All other wonderful teachings of Holy Scripture from creation to Christ’s coming again are absolutely worthless without being understood in light of Jesus, death, and resurrection for sinners.
  7. However, right before I affirmed her proposal, it dawned on me, “Isn’t every worship service and Bible study for those struggling with faith, life, and fear?!”
  8. Not afraid, Jesus decided to take a different mode of transportation across the rough waters—his feet.
  9. From a secret place deeper than the muscle tissue of her brain she spoke Jesus’ words. Words He planted there long ago.
  10. He does not offer a linear route or a series of actions. He offers Himself. In very simple straightforward words, He declares, “I am the way.”