1. This week we are interviewing our friend, Pastor Brad Gray about his book He's one of the special Baptists who publish articles and books with 1517.
  2. In this book club episode, we discuss "Art and Faith" by Makoto Fujimura. This was a book recommended to us, and we sort out the parts of this book that we appreciated, and the parts where we would disagree.
  3. Oftentimes we interpret our prayers through the lens of our emotions, or our passion behind the prayers we pray. When those prayers aren't answered the way we want, we examine the level of passion, or our method of prayer, to see what needs to be fixed.
  4. We are discussing "I can do all things through Christ" in context of the rest of the passage, and then we discuss the story of Abraham sacrificing Isaac (rather... not sacrificing him) and whether or not Christians are called to sacrifice. Is that what this passage is talking about?
  5. It's easy to look at our faith through an emotional lens. Are you on an emotional high, or an emotional low? Are you on a mountaintop, or are things silent in the valley? What happens to your faith when you aren't "feeling it."
  6. What God created, God will grow. We don’t add a few stitches onto his creation.
  7. Yes, Adam and Eve both participated in sin. This was a joint effort of the two genders of mankind. They are both sinners. But the first sin wasn't letting the serpent in the garden.
  8. In our transactional view of our faith - “If I don’t… then God won’t.” “I need to, so God can” - we are seriously underestimating who we are dealing with.