1. Justification is famously called the article upon which the church stands or falls. It is the article upon which The Lutheran Reformation stood boldly and confessed the Scriptural truth that we are made right before God by grace through faith on account of Christ alone.
  2. The Thinking Fellows discuss the doctrine of faith. Faith is not an ability or power inside of you but a gift from God.
  3. Family Camp Week #9
  4. Are theology and philosophy compatible?
  5. Dr. Steve Paulson discusses what it means to endure evil with faith.
  6. Dr. Paulson continues working through Paul's use of Exodus in his letter to the Romans.
  7. Dr. Paulson continues to talk about trial by observing the different ways the story of Abraham has been taught.
  8. Dr. Paulson and Caleb are joined by Adam Guthmiller once again. This time they talk about faith and certainty in Luther's refutation of Erasmus.
  9. A Luther House of Study student Adam Guthmiller joins Caleb and Dr. Paulson to discuss Luther's assertions concerning the faith.
  10. Dr. Paulson and Caleb take a further look at Erasmus and his Annotations of Romans 1:17. How do faith, faithfulness, and trust help us answer the question, what makes the human creature human?
  11. As one of the last episodes in our latest series about the great ideas of the Reformation, we talk about the relationship between faith and reason.
  12. The power and the purpose of the Reformation was to bring the full force of the Law and the Gospel to the ears of sinners.

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