1. In light of all God did by great signs and wonders in Egypt to get Israel up to the promised land in Deuteronomy, is there now really any other god who they would want to worship or any other path they would want to take? It really is an option which is a “non-option” is it not?
  2. Isaiah says in summary “liturgical ritual without works is dead” because we render the meaningful worship of God meaningless and even sinful when we do not love our neighbor.
  3. He has given us more than a surprise Gospel in our text. He has given us everything we need for life and salvation in Him.
  4. No matter how dark it gets you have more reason to have “increased joy” and to “rejoice and be glad” (verse 3) because you have the word of promise and its fulfillment in Christ.
  5. He will safely birth us from this world, which is like a womb, into Heaven itself. On that day we will truly see the creation as it was made to be, restored and perfect in eternity forever.
  6. The question remains, how do we get connected to this Isaianic Servant? How do we get into a relationship with Him so our perspectives and lives might be changed? We want to see God rightly, so where do we look?
  7. The Lord’s Gospel will attract all the nations to His holy mountain, and people from the ends of the earth will sojourn to the city to bear witness to God’s great work of salvation.