1. “Let your love be genuine!” But what if it’s not? The Apostle Paul gives us a list that seems hard to fulfill. If it is up to us, we’re in trouble. But if it is all in Christ, it is done. Love! “Butwhat’s in it for me?” When we fail, we flee to Christ. We know what genuine love is by looking at Christ, and in faith we receive genuine love from Him.
  2. Living sacrifices are holy and acceptable to God: What’s that look like? Redeemed and made new by Christ, we use the gifts God has given us to serve others and serve Him.
  3. Why should I go to church when I can just worship God in my own way? Is it your church or Jesus’ church? Is God present in a way unique Church that He is not present elsewhere? Can one “Have Church” without the gathering of other Christians? Join Craig and Troy as they talk about all of these topics and more.
  4. The 'church' is neither your mega-complex nor is it you alone with your own private devotions.
  5. The Holy Spirit gathers us together and keeps the church in the true faith, and He does it all by way of the Gospel.
  6. While the Holy Spirit does work within us, He always comes to us from the outside, through the external Word and Sacraments.
  7. Being a member of a church connects people to the whole reason the church has for existing: that we might obtain justifying faith in Jesus Christ through Word and Sacrament.
  8. I have often stated above and elsewhere that it pleases me greatly and is salutary for us to hear of the weaknesses of the saints, for these examples of weakness are more necessary for us and bring more consolation than the examples of that heroic and very great fortitude and other virtues.
  9. It’s been my experience that All Saints’ Day, celebrated on November 1st and observed on the first Sunday following, gets overshadowed by the celebration of Reformation Day.
  10. Perhaps the answer to creating a healthier church and a more invested people is found in preaching more clearly the full freeing Gospel.
  11. You say "Catholic" church, I say "Christian" church. This clause of the creed is sometimes changed in Protestant churches to keep people from being confused, but we think you can handle the original, rich meaning of the term instead of a sectarian interpretation. The Rev. Del Campbell, who could have filled two episodes with stories and anecdotes, joined the show to discuss the gospel hope found in this clause.
  12. It is only when individuals are bound together in community that they become fully human.

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