1. We hope and pray that you are celebrating a blessed Christmas, and wanted to bless you with a bit of family tradition: the reading of the Christmas story from Luke chapter two. Merry Christmas!
  2. What's the deal with Christmas? Is the incarnation of Christ that big a deal? The answer is an unqualified yes.
  3. Mary is blessed, because Mary knows the way God works and because she knows His promises, and she knows that in her womb grows her savior.
  4. What is Christmas all about? It's inconceivable, but nevertheless about Christ being conceived. The word of God was promised, and that promise was Jesus.
  5. . . . but the joke's on Herod. Joseph takes Mary and baby Jesus to refuge in Egypt, and all that happens in Matthew 2 is done in order to fulfill the prophecies of the Old Testament.
  6. King Herod's rule is threatened when the Magi come to worship the one born King of the Jews. But did they spill the beans?
  7. Matthew tells us how Jesus came from a proud and glorious lineage of . . . well, of prostitutes, thieves, and murderers as well as kings and prophets, all of whom happen to be God's people. Jesus reaches all the way down into our humanity so that He can fulfill everything for us.
  8. Meet God in the flesh. Troy and Craig have a Merry Christmas program revolving around the Gospels of Luke and John as they discuss many facets of God in the flesh, in the face of Christ as He became one of us. Behold the Son of God and the Son of Mary who has come to be the final sacrifice of all time to give His salvation for you.