1. In this episode, Debi talks to Jason in New Jersey—a man who grew up with some kind of faith, seemed to lose whatever he had, and now has questions as to whether any of it is with it at all. After talking to Jason, Debi talks with Pastor Bruce Hillman, also from New Jersey, about Jason's plight. Pastor Hillman is an exceptionally well-read and fun conversation, and he and Debi discuss reasons for leaving, for doubting, but ultimately resting in Christ Alone.
  2. In this episode, Debi talks to Brian, a young man who has had experiences with megachurches and a celebrity pastor- he had a conversion experience and seemed to be doing everything right, and then the wheels fall off. After listening to this interview, Debi discusses Brian's situation (and those many who have similar stories) with the Reverend Bob Hiller of 1517's own the "Craft of Preaching" and "You Are Forgiven."
  3. On this special bonus episode, Debi (and producer Dan) talk with Nickolas Butler. Nik is the best selling author whose recent book "Little Faith" deals with faith, church, family, and loss. Both Debi and Dan read the book and wondered, "What kind of relationship Butler has with the church?" And so Debi contacted him, and he was willing to come on the show and talk about the book and his complicated faith.
  4. In this episode, Debi talks with our new friend Matt about his troubled relationship with the church. She then talks with RJ Grunewald.
  5. This episode is with our new friend Jake who has left the church, then Debi talks with Donavon Riley.
  6. In this episode, we talk with our new friend Dana who has had issues with the church. After Debi talks with Dana, she talks with author Chad Bird from 1517.
  7. When the church has gone astray, it has been the responsible (not slavish) approach to history that has helped correct the course.
  8. Perhaps best known for his “wager,” Pascal is often associated with this curious argument for the existence of God and eternal blessedness.