RJ Grunewald

RJ Grunewald is a Pastor at Faith in Troy, Michigan. He is a theology nerd who believes that theology isn’t just meant for the academics and dead guys but it is for everyday life. He is the author of The Art of Law & Gospel and Reading Romans with Luther. He’s also got a digital copy of The Art of Law and Gospel that you can download for free by subscribing to his emails. RJ has been married to his wife Jessica since 2007, and they have 3 kids: Elijah, Emaline, and Alice.


Season 2, Chapter 2, Episode 4 with R.J. Grunewald

In this chapter's "bonus" episode, both Debi and Producer Dan talk with a guest


Season 2, Chapter 1, Episode 3 with RJ Grunewald

In this episode, Debi talks with our new friend Matt about his troubled


No Approaching God Without Christ

For what end does the Law exist? The Law exposes us so that we might find the remedy in the person and work of Jesus.

The Original Formula

The message of forgiveness of sins is and will always be what makes Church, Church.

A Table For The Broken

Something happens around the table that changes those who are given a seat at the table.

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