1. On this episode of Preaching the Text, John Hoyum and Steve Paulson examine the opening words of the Gospel of Mark.
  2. In today's episode of Tough Texts, Daniel Emery Price and Scott Keith explore a critical conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus in John 3:1-8.
  3. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY-TWO, Mike, Wade and Matt Scharf from Grace Lutheran in downtown Milwaukee discussed Luther’s Flood Prayer, often used for the Sacrament of Holy Baptism.
  4. Today, we look back to November of 2022, as Craig and Troy dive back into listener Jeffrey's questions on God's working and actual presence in baptism and the Lord's Supper.
  5. In today's episode of Tough Texts, Scott Keith and Daniel Emery Price delve into Matthew 8:28-34. This passage recounts the encounter of Jesus with two demon-possessed men, and their subsequent deliverance.
  6. Who Controls Baptism? In this episode, we discuss the baptismal controversy in the early church. Cyprian, Novation, and a whole cloud of witnesses join us on the podcast this week.
  7. In episode TWO HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE, Mike, Jason, and Wade discuss Michael’s new book (well, one of them), The Baptismal Life, recently released by Northwestern Publishing House. We hope you enjoy the episode!
  8. A Harsh & Necessary Conversation About Death. In this episode, we discuss death and resurrection concerning the death of a child from Gregory P. Schulz’s book, The Problem of Suffering: A Father’s Hope.

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