1. On this day in the year 1093, Anselm was consecrated as the archbishop of Canterbury.
  2. Our forefathers dedicated Holy Cross Day to jolt the Church into remembrance that Christianity is not principally about ethics.
  3. We don’t just need someone to bear our guilt and die for us. We also need someone to defeat all of the forces of sin and darkness and anxiety and depression that overwhelm us.
  4. He will plead guilty on our behalf, and suffer the death sentence in our place.
  5. He is our gold. He is our pure garment. He is our healing. He is our sanity. He is our wholeness.
  6. That is the good news that ifies all hand wringing and wipes away every tear from every eye.
  7. As the storm waves of life crash into us, threatening to pull us down into the undertow of sin, Jesus comes and stands between us and the furious tides.
  8. Gonna make it, Gonna make it, Not gonna make it, Not gonna make it, Not gonna make it! In this episode, distinguishing righteousness from righteousness, good works from justification.
  9. I Hope Our Ministry Makes The Cut. In this episode, the limits of the law, why we feel the need to limit the Gospel, and what happens when ministries diverge.
  10. Proper Skin Care is Important. In this episode, circumcision, the power of symbols, why not all sacraments are the same, and the lessons of history.

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