1. What if the dissonance in this calendrical coincidence can be harmonized into a deeper melody?
  2. As disciples of Jesus, our righteousness cannot be performed before others, because our righteousness was already performed by Jesus.
  3. A life of repentance embraces the ashes placed on our own foreheads and the coals we feel heaped upon our heads, for these ashes and coals bid us to join in the refreshment and restoration that comes on the road of repentance.
  4. Ash Wednesday's purpose is not to motivate our resolve to redouble our efforts to do better.
  5. Today on the show, we look a bit into the practice of Lent and tell a story about a popular Japanese dish.
  6. Ash Wednesday, is meant to remind us we have a death problem. All living things made from the soil shall return to it.
  7. Can we fully experience the joy of the Festival of the Resurrection if we do not seriously stare boldly into the sad state of our own faithlessness to Him who promises to be faithful even when we are not?
  8. The original sin of Genesis 3 was not gutter-style-sin, but glory-style-sin. It was more of an upward grasp than a downward fall. - Nathan Hoff
  9. Ash Wednesday confronts us with our true nature, our mortality, and marks us with the only escape from it: the cross of Christ.
  10. All this disciplined living is to be done in freedom.

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