1. Steven Paulson shares the meaning (and grace) found in All Saints Day
  2. While the world is full of horizons and endpoints, for Christians, there is always tomorrow, and there are people in that tomorrow waiting for us as we wait for them.
  3. The words of Jesus shine with a graceful brilliance among the broken fragments of this world.
  4. Even though All Saints is a day for remembering the dead, it is not a day of mourning.
  5. We give thanks to the Lord for His victory over death and the grave both for those who are now with Him in glory and for ourselves even as we press forward in faithfulness awaiting the Day when our eyes will see Him.
  6. Jesus breaks through our barriers in His beatitudes. He shatters our conceptions of the blessed life and opens the Kingdom of God to all people.
  7. His kingdom is not one of force and might for our exploitation and his gain, but one of his patience and long-suffering for our benefit.
  8. We have the freedom to joyfully participate in neighborhood fun with the love of our neighbor in mind.
  9. We show up to this crowded sacred shindig on Sundays, all wings and halos and blue jeans, and shimmy our way into the sanctuary, late to church but not late to church, for how can we be late to a service that never ends?
  10. The lavish nature of God’s love is indicated by the fact that He, as Father, is the author of our being adopted as sons and daughters through Holy Baptism.
  11. On All Saints Day, the beatitudes remind us how God in Christ claims people, frail, humble, poor, mourning, and makes them His own.

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