1. TradiSHUUUUNNN! TRADITION! Spurred on by last week's thoughts on All Saints' Day, Craig and Troy think about the traditions of the liturgical calendar and the lectionary reading cycle.
  2. Instead of the miraculous, Jesus gives us the mundane. Why? Because the Kingdom of God belongs to these people.
  3. John’s excitement invites his readers to lay hold of this above all else: The lavish love of God.
  4. Seriously, what even IS All Saints' Day?
  5. Steven Paulson shares the meaning (and grace) found in All Saints Day
  6. Those who have gone before us in the faith have no more need of absolution, for their baptisms have been brought to completion and they are eternally free from sin and done with death.
  7. While the world is full of horizons and endpoints, for Christians, there is always tomorrow, and there are people in that tomorrow waiting for us as we wait for them.
  8. Today on the show, we talk about All Hallow’s Day, the day after Halloween.
  9. The words of Jesus shine with a graceful brilliance among the broken fragments of this world.

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