1. When we believe in Jesus as the true and better fulfillment of every promise made to Abraham, we, too, are counted as righteous in the same way that he was — by faith.
  2. Toy Story is indeed a Christmas story.
  3. From the beginning to the end of his letter, John really wants one thing: for us to be in Jesus.
  4. Hope is found precisely while we’re dead.
  5. God has a plan for this world that he put into place from eternity, a plan that is carried out in Jesus Christ and promises unimaginably great blessings for believers.
  6. He also took our own history and suffered all the agony and pain of our own lives.
  7. The only one rightful heir of the kingdom of God, inherits from us, our cross, and descends into the kingdom of the damned.
  8. Salvation is not simply transactional; it is fundamentally relational. Not anemic, but full-blooded. Not disembodied, but bodied.
  9. When we genuinely measure ourselves, we will find ourselves dreadfully lacking.
  10. We are given the peace to know that all our sin is forgiven by our gracious God. We enjoy the comfort of knowing that our ways are watched over and protected by the Lord...
  11. Your prayers are not what make you acceptable in his sight. You have already been made acceptable through the blood of Christ.

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