Almost every episode of the Thinking Fellows has a handfull of books linked in the show notes. On this episode, we set aside some time to compile a long list of books that listeners should consider reading if they want to learn more about church doctrine, apologetics, and history. Sit back, relax, grab a drink, and find a new book to enjoy.

Show Notes:

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Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis

Lutheran Theology Steve Paulson

Called to Believe Steve Mueller

Martin Luther’s Theology Lohse

In Understanding Be Men T.C. Hammond

Know the Truth: A Handbook to Christian Belief

The Genius of Luther's Theology

Hallmarks of Lutheran Identity

A Summary of Christian Doctrine

Christian Dogmatics J.T. Mueller

Christian Dogmatics Pieper


Peter Brown the Rise of Western Christendom

Steven Ozman the Age of Reform

Christianity the First 3,000 years

Louis Berkhof History of Christian Doctrines

The Early Church Chadwick


The Case For Christianity

Sensible Christianity

History, Law, and Christianity

The Defense of the Gospel in the New Testament

Paul Little: Know Why You Believe

The Defense Never Rests

The Authority of the Bible John Stott

Your Mind Matters

Why Should Anyone Believe Anything at all

Religion on Trial

Tactics Greg Kokul

Tractatus Logico Theologicus

The Resurrection Fact


John Hospers: An introduction to Philosophy

The Universe Next Door

Language, Truth, and Logic

The Basic Works of Aristotle

Questions that Matter

Nicomachean Ethics

Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction

What The Fellows Are Reading:

Men Without Work America’s Invisible Crisis

Essentialism by Greg Mcallen

The Dumb Ox


The Strange Death of Europe

Christian Hospitality and Muslim Immigration

The Art of War

Martin Luther's Augustinian Theology of the Cross